I love these human beings a lot

I get unreasonably excited when I see a dog.

My book is so close I can almost taste it

Goddamn I’m constantly torn between telling people exactly how I feel or pretending that feelings aren’t actually real things anyway and therefore have no reason to be discussed someone help.


Coriander Hummus / Recipe

I had a wonderful weekend I met new people and saw super old friends and threw around a bag of wine life is good.



Meditation, because sometimes you need to hide in a cave all alone before you realize you’re connected to everything.

important things tumblr will not teach you


  • hating everyone will get you nowhere
  • actual depression fucking sucks
  • having low self esteem isn’t cute
  • you are as pretty as you believe you are
  • cigarettes will kill you

how many fuckin trains go through Easley in one day jesus

Trying to work on not getting mad at myself when I act not so ideally.

I kind of realized how important health and a holistic lifestyle was all at once and didn’t stop to think about the fact that old habits die hard. And it can’t be healthy to beat yourself up for doing the things you’ve always done.

So, last night I smoked a bowl and ate some chips and chocolate. And I’m fucking better for it.

That doesn’t have to mean I’m giving up on a healthy lifestyle. I’m still buying good foods and making myself healthy lunches and breakfasts. But when I decide to stray, I’m going to make it a point to own those decisions.

So, I want to smoke a cigarette? I want to drink a beer or take a few shots? I want to spend a couple days stoned? Good. Great. I’ll do that then. And I’ll be damn happy about it.

If I keep getting mad at myself I’ll just put myself in the mindset of not being worthy of health and I’ll just be worse off.

Peace and self-love, man.

Dad is going back to New Mexico next Friday.

If I said “Take me with you, daddy?” like I was ten years younger, would that work?